Tools for Formative Assessment: Kahoot!


What is Kahoot (other than being a fun word to say)?

Kahoot is just one of many online resources that can be used for formative assessment in the classroom.

With Kahoot, you can create a fun and educational game in a matter of minutes. These games are made from a series of multiple choice questions. To personalize the game, the teacher can add videos, images, and diagrams.

In the classroom, the game is displayed on a shared screen such as a SMART Board and the students can answer the questions from their own devices. Any device that is connected to the internet can be used!

Kahoot is free to use, and it fosters social learning and promotes classroom discussion!

As a future science teacher, I can use Kahoot to assess what my students learned from one of my lessons. For example, I can create a ‘kahoot’ with questions based on a lesson about the human body’s systems.

One question might include:

The skin is part of which system?

a) Integumentary

b) Endocrine

c) Skeletal

d) Muscular

The answer would be a) Integumentary!

Check out this Kahoot Tutorial  to learn more!

For now,



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