SAMR Screencast

One assignment for my Educational Media Applications course this semester was to research what SAMR was and how it can be used in education. After researching, we were told to put together a screencast highlighting what we had learned about the SAMR model.

Here are three resources I used while developing my screencast using PowToon:

  1. Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything
  2. Technology Is Learning
  3. Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative (See the infographic below)

Finally, here is my completed PowToon screencast that I posted on my YouTube page:

I know that the SAMR model will most definitely impact my practice in teaching. There are so many forms of technology out there that I can use to completely transform my students’ learning in the classroom. As a future science teacher, I can integrate technology into my lessons so that my students have opportunities that before were inconceivable. One of my favorite ideas is to have my students collaborate with students from other schools using Google Apps to design a science experiment or to put together a project. Also, with the use of technology, I can set up Skype “dates” where my students can talk face-to-face with influential scientists. There is so much collaboration that can be done using technology, and I believe that collaboration is an important part of learning.

For now,



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